Surrendering a Pet

Surrendering a Pet

If you’re questioning whether keeping your family member is the best option for you or for the cat/kitten, take our quiz first to see if there is an alternative that you haven’t considered.

Found a stray?

Found a stray?

Thank you for your compassion for taking care of this kitty! Here are a series of steps to take to try to reunite the kitty with its owner before reaching out to us to take them.

Found baby kittens?

Found baby kittens?

If they’re healthy, momma cat is probably around and you should put them back because mom knows best! Otherwise, time is critical. Please act fast and get them to a veterinarian!

Surrendering Your Cat(s)

Did you know you can now reach hundreds of potential adopters from your own home? You can now post your kitty on Adopt-A-Pet and choose their future forever home yourselves. This not only saves your kitty a lot of stress, but it helps out the shelters, too, by keeping space open for kitties that don’t have anywhere else to go. Check out the Adopt-A-Pet’s Rehome program! Your kitty does need to be fixed to participate. If you need help having that done, please reach out at and we may be able to help!

Are you moving/or don’t have adequate housing?

Finding a pet-friendly rental has honestly never been easier. Please see the following websites for list of pet-friendly rental apartments in the Colorado Springs area.

Are you unable to pay for needed veterinary care or food/supplies?

If you cannot afford veterinary care, the Hamlett Spay/Neuter Clinic, in Colorado Springs, provides comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care (including vaccinations) for pets of the economically disadvantaged. Their phone number is (719) 475-1800.

Additionally, the nonprofit ‘Harley’s Hope‘ also offers assistance with life-saving or life-altering veterinary bills. Their number is (719) 362-6335, M-F 9am – 6pm.

If you’re caring for a number of feral cats (cats that do not live in your house) and need help, please email our TNR coordinator at!

Do you have too many cats or an unexpected litter?

We are happy to help care for unexpected litters- if the kittens are not yet weaned, we will take momma and the litter into foster care and return the momma (if requested) once the kittens are weaned and able to be adopted out. She will be fixed and fully vaccinated, to boot!

If there are a number of cats needing to be fixed, please fill out a surrender application ASAP so we can assess what’s needed to help and how quickly we can do it.

Is your cat or kitten being destructive?

Check out this very informative article on ‘How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Up Your Furniture’ (from the newsletter) — How to Stop Furniture Scratching

Also, learn more about controlling behavior on our Resources page.

We’re happy to provide personalized behavior advice or refer you to our local feline behaviorists as well. Just reach out to!

Helping a Stray Cat

Are they sick or injured?

The very first thing to do with a sick or injured cat is to take them to the nearest veterinary clinic. Once the cat is safely in care, reach out to us at (719) 900 2287 and press ‘1’ for a priority call. If you can’t get ahold of someone, leave a message and pass the number on to the vet clinic to keep trying.

Do they look healthy and well fed?

Cats, unlike dogs, are highly territorial and don’t often stray from home. If you’ve been seeing the cat around and their fur is clean and sleek and they’re well fed, it’s likely they belong to one of your neighbors. Ask around using sites such as Craigslist or apps like Nextdoor before trying to catch and rehome them- we don’t want to catnap an already owned kitty!

Are they feral or friendly?

Feral cats want nothing to do with people- they won’t let you touch them, they won’t meow at you, and they won’t lift their tail up to say ‘hi’ when they see you. You’ll need a trap to catch a healthy feral cat. Don’t worry, we can help you with that. Please also consider whether you or a neighbor would be willing to provide food, water, and shelter for this kitty if they’re truly feral, as it’s very hard to relocate them. We can help with spay/neuter costs!

Are they microchipped?

The first thing to do when you catch a stray cat is to take them to your nearest veterinarian and have them check for a microchip. They will do this for free! If the cat is chipped, they will reach out to the owner to come get the kitty. You can choose to leave your contact information should the owner decide not to claim their pet and proceed with a surrender.

How old are they?

Unweaned kittens and cats over 10 years are at risk in traditional open admission shelters and will have priority for intake with Wild Blue. When you take the kitty in for a microchip check, please ask the vet to assess their age, too, and let us know so we can react accordingly.

Kitten Care

Most open admission shelters will euthanize orphans under 6 weeks, so please get in touch with us rather than drop them off at an open admission shelter!

  • Keep Them Warm

    Kittens are unable to maintain their own body temperature and are at risk of freezing to death. Provide a heating pad with some blankets and space to move off of it if it’s too warm.

  • Get Them To a Veterinarian

    Very young kittens are incredibly vulnerable and need immediate expert care. Vet clinics and animal emergency centers may opt not to charge you if they’re strays. The clinic can assess their age and provide round the clock care if needed.

  • Feeding Them

    Try feeding them tuna in water or wet kitten food- preferably a poultry-based pate by putting down a plate in front of them. If they’re not interested, try getting some food on your finger and gently poking them on the mouth so they lick it clean.

    If they don’t eat, they may be too young. Syringe feed them warmed sugar water until you can buy kitten milk replacer from a store such a Petsmart or Walmart.

  • Call Wild BLue

    Call us at (719) 900 2287 and press ‘1’ for a priority call.  Please be prepared to send a picture of the kitten(s) to the person you get ahold of so they can make an assessment. If you can’t get ahold of us, leave a message and give the phone number to the vet center to try again.

Please note that healthy, friendly and weaned kittens are not inherently at risk at open-admission shelters, and so, unlike unweaned kittens, they don’t get to skip to the front of the line on our intake waitlist. You’ll need to fill out a surrender application.

Suggested Surrender Donation

Cat or Kitten

Cats & Kittens of all ages


Pregnant Mama or Litter

Healthy Pregnant Mama or Litter



Orphaned or sick litter of kittens


Surrender Application

Surrendering to Wild Blue Cats!

If you are surrendering a stray kitty, please take them to a vet FIRST to check for a microchip and their age (vets will do this for free), then fill out this form.

If you are looking to surrender a pet, please be sure you have done everything possible to keep your best friend and refer to our suggested alternatives to surrendering.
Being able to foster until placement can be found will greatly increase our chances of being able to assist in adopting out your pet to a permanent home.

Surrender fees apply as follows and will go toward the care of your pet during its stay with us:

  • $75 per cat/kitten
  • $100 per litter of kittens/pregnant momma
  • $150 per litter of sickly/orphaned kittens

    This is the first step to surrendering a cat, but it does not guarantee acceptance. We will try to call or email within 48 business hours of your submission. Please follow up if you don't hear from us.

  • Your Contact Info

    If this is an owned pet, you must be the owner and over 18 to surrender. If you are under 18,
    a parent or guardian must apply on your behalf.

    About Your Cat/Kitten

    Vet Assessment

    If this cat/kitten is a stray, your first step will be to take them to your nearest veterinary clinic to check for a microchip. Vets will do this for free, and you don't need an appointment. If the animal is chipped, they will get in touch with the owner for you. If the animal is not chipped, please ask them to assess their age (this will also be done for free) and include that information on this form.

    To protect the felines already in our care, there are three requirements for incoming cats where age & health is applicable. They need to be:

    • FIV/FELV tested
    • Spayed or neutered
    • Vaccinated

    Things to Consider

    Other Surrender Options

    Buddy Center (DDFL)

    4556 Castleton Ct, Castle Rock, CO 80109

    Phone: (303) 751-5772

    Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL)

    2080 S. Quebec St. Denver, CO 80231

    Phone: (303) 751-5772

    Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS)

    308 Weaverville Road Divide, CO 80814

    Phone: (719) 686-7707

    Siamese Rescue

    PO Box 336563 Greeley, CO 80633

    Phone: (970) 351-6582

    Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

    2390 S Delaware St, Denver, CO 80223

    Phone: (303) 744-6076

    Happy Cats Haven

    1412 S. 21st St. Colorado Springs, CO 80904

    Phone: (719) 635-5000

    Safe Place for Pets

    (Pet Rescue for people who are terminally ill)

    P.O. Box 38202 Colorado Springs, CO 80937

    Phone: (719) 359-0201

    Cat Care Society

    5787 6th Avenue Lakewood, CO 80214

    Phone: (303) 239-9680

    The Lazarus Fund

    Pueblo, CO 81004

    Phone: Tammie Stevens (719) 240-4375 Theresa Hearn (719) 778-0947

    Look What the Cat Brought In

    424 W. Fillmore Street Colorado Springs, CO 80907

    Phone: (719) 331-6852

    Even more alternative to surrender options can be found at:

    The Surrender Process

    • 1. Take Our Surrender Quiz

      Some situations can be resolved without surrendering a cat or kitten. Please take our Surrender Quiz to see if there is a reasonable alternative to surrendering your pet.

    • 2. Read Through Other Options.

      Visit our Resources page to get handy tips on controlling unwanted cat behavior.

    • 2. Fill Out an Online Surrender Application

      If surrendering your pet is the only option, please start the process by filling out a Surrender Application.

    • 3. You will be contacted by Wild Blue

      A volunteer from Wild Blue will contact you and will help you with the remainder of the process. The internet can be fickle, though, so if you don’t hear from us in 3-5 business days, please reach out to