What is TNR?

The acronym TNR, also known as Trap-Neuter-Return, is a method of humanely trapping feral cats, neutering them and then returning them to their original colony.

After adequate preparations which include educating the community about the TNR process, community cats are humanely trapped.

Humanely trapped cats are transported to a spay/neuter provider where they are surgically sterilized, given appropriate vaccinations and ear-tipped on the left ear.

After surgery and appropriate recovery, community cats are returned to where they were trapped and are supplied with ongoing access to fresh food and water.

What is a Community Cat?

A community is either a cat born and raised without human contact (feral,) or one who has been abandoned and is so frightened he or she must act wild to survive.  Feral is not a biological trait, but a behavioral trait.

In contrast a stray cat was once someone’s pet but now has no home, strays are friendly because they were once socialized by humans.  Once a stray cat is reconnect with people they quickly display friendly behavior.

Outside cats usually live in groups called colonies and take refuge near a food sources.  These colonies can be made up of stray and feral cats living together.

What are the benefits of TNR?

It Immediately stabilizes the size of the colony by eliminating the chance of new litters.

Nuisance behavior is reduced, including yowling and fighting that come with mating activity and the order of spraying males.

Lessens the number of kittens and cats flowing into local shelter, which in turn lowers unnecessary euthanasia rates.

Allows cats to live out their lives naturally while minimizing a possible negative impact on the cat populations near you.  Improves their lives and yours!

What does a tipped ear mean?

A tipped ear is the universal sign of a sterilized community cat.  The procedure involves removing about ¼” off the tip of the left ear while the cat is under anesthesia for sterilization.  It heals rapidly and helps to prevent unnecessary recapture.

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