Owning a cat or kitten can be a very rewarding experience. At Wild Blue, we have a lot of experience working with felines and we want to pass some of this valuable information on to you. Below you will find blog articles that deal with behavioral issues, feeding and caring for your cat. We also list for you our Veterinary Partners in case you are in need of a vet.

Cat & Kitten Advice

Cat Behavior & Advice

The Truth About Declawing

Declawing is Amputation Declawing is not just ‘trimming’ a cat’s nails, it’s a surgical procedure akin to removing the last joint on a human finger or the last joint of a human toe…except with a cat, it’s removing ends of all their toes on their front or back feet. Think about that for a moment,…

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Our Veterinary Partners & Supporters

 Aspen View Veterinary Hospital   (719) 638-6363 5925 Constitution Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO, 80917
 Black Forest Veterinary Clinic  (719) 495-3666 12655 Black Forest Rd, Suite 118
Colorado Springs, CO, 80908
 Cat Tails Feline Health Center  (719) 575-0007 3625 Star Ranch Road
Colorado Springs, CO, 80906
 High Plains Veterinary Hospital  (719) 574-8920 4007 Tutt Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO, 80922
 Monument Veterinary Clinic  (719) 481-3509 1024 W. Baptist Rd
Colorado Springs, CO, 80921
 Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic  (719) 433-7671 6770 Foxtrot Lane, Suite B
Colorado Springs, CO, 80924
 Tender Care Veterinary Center  (719) 559-8282 8036 Meridian Park Dr
Falcon, CO, 80831
For Paws (719) 495-4717 7115 McLaughlin Rd
Peyton, CO 80831
SoCo Veterinary Internal Medicine  (719) 559-8282 8036 Meridian Park Dr
Falcon, CO, 80831


Additional Helpful Information

Shelter Statistics

Per Wild Blue’s most recent partnership with Maddie’s Fund (Innovation Grants) and in accordance to the good work being done at Shelter Animals Count, Wild Blue tracks the number of cats and kittens moving in and out of our care every month using a tool called the Basic Data Matrix.

Our 2017 statistics are in a Google Doc Sheet which is available to the public. Take a look!


2016 Animal Statistics

In 2016, we took in 158 adoptable cats and 387 adoptable kittens. That adds up to 545 felines in need.

Of those intakes, we adopted out 158 adults and 337 kittens, for a total of 495 felines adopted. That’s an adoption rate of 90.83%!

6 adult cats and 35 kittens passed in our care. Being a rescue, we get a number of emergency situation calls where it’s too late to do anything but keep the kitties warm and comfortable for their passing and ensure their remains are properly cared for. We consider this act of final kindness just as important as rehoming our healthy kitties.

Of the 545 cats and kittens brought to us in 2016, 7 kitties were determined to have an untreatably poor quality of life and were gently euthanized. Our 2016 euthanasia rate is less than 1%, and it’s used only in situations where the cat or kitten’s quality of life is deemed poor, painful and untreatable by a licensed veterinarian. We do NOT euthanize kitties with FIV or cats with terminal conditions until their quality of life deteriorates to the point of vet recommended euthanasia.

Our Annual Live Release Rate in accordance to the Shelter Animals Count Formula for an individual agency is 100%. The Annual Live Release Rate does not include 44 cats that died or were lost in our care.

How To Adopt from Wild Blue?

  • 1. Take Our Adoption Quiz

    Adoption is not the right option for everyone. Please make sure that you have assessed your family’s allergies, current housing situation and can give a cat or kitten the time and love that they need and deserve. Take our helpful adoption quiz to think over everything involved in adopting a cat.

    Not ready to adopt? Consider volunteering!

  • 2. Fill Out an Online Application

    Fill out an online adoption application to start the adoption process. Please keep in mind that we will review your application and submitting an application does not automatically make you approved to adopt a pet.

  • 3. View Our Available Cats

    Most of our available cats are listed here on our website. Check out our adopt page to view available cats and kittens.

  • 4. Visit Us at an Adoption Fair

    Our Adoption Fairs are held on Saturdays at area Petco locations. Check our Events page to see where and when you can attend our adoption fairs.

  • 5. Visit Us at the Sanctuary

    Every Saturday afternoon our Wild Blue Sanctuary holds an Open House to showcase some of our Featured Cats, or those animals that have trouble going to the Adoption Fairs. Check out our Events page for more details.

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