In Memorium

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Memorials and Honorariums

  • Donated in memory of my sweet Camster
  • Donated In memory of Sugar, quiet partner, constant companion, sweet boy. You are missed.
  • Donated in honor of Doug Askew, by Tammy, Michelle and Robyn. Jan, we are so sorry for your loss, we know you, Max, Moe and Mimi miss him terribly.
  • Given in memory of Mary J. Sauve. She loved cats, rabbits, and all of those wonderful furry creatures.
  • Donated in loving memory of my father, Donald M. La Conte, Oct. 24, 1934 – Feb. 12, 2019 and his beloved dog Bichon.
  • In loving memory of Colleen Firenze.
  • In memory of my sweet baby Sasha. The fluffiest one with all her colors mixed up. My chatterbox. My Angel. I will love you forever!
  • In loving memory of Shinobi, Zool and Kato. Always, Maxx and Tami
  • In memory of Too and all the cats before him. Love, Hera and Arya
  • In memory of Too and all the cats before him. Love, Conan and Shea.
  • In Memory of Tommy, too dearly loved to be forgotten. Faithful companion of Susan, Randy, and Sydney.
  • To Annie, Sam, Holly, Rex, Cuddy and Kimmy – we’ll always love you and miss you!