Owning a cat or kitten can be a very rewarding experience. At Wild Blue, we have a lot of experience working with felines and we want to pass some of this valuable information on to you. Below you will find blog articles that deal with behavioral issues, feeding and caring for your cat. We also have a list of Veterinary Clinics in case you are in need of a vet.

Have an emergency kitty situation? Please refer to our list of CO Springs area Emergency Pet Clinics.

Cat & Kitten Advice

Cat Behavior & Advice

Spray It to Say It

While you are sharing pics of your summer vacay, is your cat posting some “thoughts of their own” on your furniture and drapes? Cats use spraying to communicate. The Spray It to Say It blog has some tips to help you figure out what your cat is “saying”- and find a solution.

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Cat Behavior & Advice

Bringing a Shy Cat Around

Not all kitties are immediately trusting of their new surroundings and their new caretakers. Some of them need a little more coaxing to recognize that they are in a safe place with people who aren’t going to hurt them. When your kitty’s history is one of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, the process can take quite…

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Cat Behavior & Advice

The Truth About Declawing

Declawing is Amputation Declawing is not just ‘trimming’ a cat’s nails, it’s a surgical procedure akin to removing the last joint on a human finger or the last joint of a human toe…except with a cat, it’s removing ends of all their toes on their front or back feet. Think about that for a moment,…

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List of Veterinary Clinics

For Paws Veterinary Clinic

(719) 495-4717

7115 McLaughlin Rd
Peyton, CO 80831

SoCo Veterinary Internal Medicine (SCIVM)

(719) 272-4004

5520 N. Nevada Ave #110
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

 Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic

(719) 433-7671

6770 Foxtrot Lane, Suite B
Colorado Springs, CO, 80924

High Plains Veterinary Hospital

(719) 574-8920

4007 Tutt Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO, 80922

Black Forest Veterinary Clinic

(719) 495-3666

12655 Black Forest Rd, Suite 118
Colorado Springs, CO, 80908

Monument Veterinary Clinic

(719) 481-3509

1024 W. Baptist Rd
Colorado Springs, CO, 80921

Tender Care Veterinary Center

(719) 559-8282

8036 Meridian Park Dr
Falcon, CO, 80831

Shelter Statistics

Per Wild Blue’s most recent partnership with Maddie’s Fund (Innovation Grants) and in accordance to the good work being done at Shelter Animals Count, Wild Blue tracks the number of cats and kittens moving in and out of our care every month using a tool called the Basic Data Matrix.

2023 Animal Statistics

1330 Impacted lives
133 of those are babies born at WB in 2023
Adopted 1199 – 90 % of intake number
Deceased 104 – 0.07% of intake number
Euthanized 13 – 0.009 % of intake number

Previous Years Animal Statistics


1593 Impacted Lives
160 of those are babies born at WB in 2022
Adopted 1004 – 63% of intake number
Deceased 91 – 0.05% of intake number
Euthanized 11 – 0.006% of intake number


Impacted lives 1486

95 of those are babies born at WB in 2021

Adopted 983  66% of intake number

Deceased  118  .08% of intake number

Euthanized 85  .005% of intake number


Impacted lives 951

61 of those are babies born at WB in 2020

Adopted 810  85% of intake number

Deceased  102  11% of intake number

Euthanized 5  .006% of intake number