Barn Cats

Working Cat or Barn Cat programs provide humane, life-saving, environmentally sound, safe alternatives for cats who don’t fit the household pet lifestyle. They are trapped feral cats that cannot be returned to the location where they were trapped because of unsafe conditions. Like indoor cats they need the basics, such as food, water, shelter, and veterinary care. However,  these cats earn their room and board. They provide rodent control for farms, outbuildings, or businesses. Barn cats are usually adopted in pairs as they are less likely to wander off the property if they have a companion.  Wild Blue Cats Frontier Feral Program has added a unique feral cat holding enclosure called Bilbo’s Barn Buddies. This enclosure is located on Wild Blue Cats property and can house 24 cats waiting to be adopted by a person needing a couple of working cats.  Before adoption all Wild Blue barn cats receive:

-Spay/neuter surgery
-Rabies/FVRCP vaccination
-initial deworming treatment

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Barn Cats Adoption Pricing

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