Donate to Help Wild Blue Cats! TNR Program

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Wild Blue has a stellar TNR (trap,neuter, return) or TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return) program. The name of our program is Frontier Ferals. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who trap at all times of the day or night in an effort to control the over-population of cats and kittens in our rural communities. 100% of the cats we help are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and when not feral, microchipped. Each cat’s ear is tipped so if we are trapping in the same general area in the future, we know that particular kitty has been fixed.  That’s where the saying “It’s hip to be tipped” originated.

Won’t you help us in this essential mission? The starting donation is $10 but you can click the up arrow to increase it to the amount you would like to donate to this very important program. Thank you from all of us at Wild Blue….. kitties too!