Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in helping us Save Precious Lives in the greater Colorado Springs area! Please fill out this form and submit when completed.

You will receive an immediate auto-reply with details for our next orientation (check your spam if you don't see it). Orientation consists of two base learning classes and one field-specific learning class. Please bring $25 for your volunteer t-shirt; we take check or cash.

If you don't see an email in 24 hours, please email contact@wbcats.org .

Youth Volunteers (minors under 18)

Youth volunteers must be able to drive in order to volunteer, otherwise, they need a driving parent or guardian to be with them at all times during volunteering.

Emergency Contact


Volunteer Opportunities

Events Team

Assist in creating events that take place during the year for Wild Blue Cats! These include Fancy Feast, Restaurant Night Out, Fairs, Holiday Bazaars, and other activities directed from the Leadership team.
Will work under the direction of the Events Team Lead.

Sanctuary Team

Cleaning and feeding for cats in our sanctuary. Once a week for 2 hours. Requires a 6 month minimum commitment. Days and times will vary.
Will work under the direction of the Sanctuary Team Lead.

Groundskeeping Team

Groundskeeping Duties include: General landscaping and area cleanup.
Hours: Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM -will work under the direction of the Groundskeeping Team Lead.

Adoption Fairs

Assist at our Adoption Fairs, once a month.
Hours: 11:30 to 4:30

Foster Team

MUST BE AT LEAST 18 OR HAVE A PARENT ASSISTING. You will need a room separated from the rest of the household and will undergo a foster inspection. All existing pets will need to be fully vaccinated and fixed. You will be responsible for getting the fosters to our partner vets and to adoption fairs as needed.


As a volunteer at Wild Blue Cats! (Wild Blue), I understand I will be volunteering with animals with varying temperaments, personalities, and needs. I understand that compliance with all of the requirements below is mandatory for volunteering at Wild Blue:

By signing and submitting this application to Wild Blue, you agree to all terms and conditions listed in the above agreement for yourself and your minors participating in Wild Blue volunteer activities.