Surrender Application

Surrendering to Wild Blue Cats!

If you are surrendering a stray kitty, please take them to a vet FIRST to check for a microchip and their age (vets will do this for free), then fill out this form.

If you are looking to surrender a pet, please be sure you have done everything possible to keep your best friend and refer to our suggested alternatives to surrendering.
Being able to foster until placement can be found will greatly increase our chances of being able to assist in adopting out your pet to a permanent home.

Surrender fees apply as follows and will go toward the care of your pet during its stay with us:

  • $75 per cat/kitten
  • $100 per litter of kittens/pregnant momma
  • $150 per litter of sickly/orphaned kittens

    This is the first step to surrendering a cat, but it does not guarantee acceptance. We will try to call or email within 48-72 business hours of your submission. Please follow up if you don't hear from us.

  • Your Contact Info

    If this is an owned pet, you must be the owner and over 18 to surrender. If you are under 18,
    a parent or guardian must apply on your behalf.

    About Your Cat/Kitten

    Vet Assessment

    If this cat/kitten is a stray, your first step will be to take them to your nearest veterinary clinic to check for a microchip. Vets will do this for free, and you don't need an appointment. If the animal is chipped, they will get in touch with the owner for you. If the animal is not chipped, please ask them to assess their age (this will also be done for free) and include that information on this form.

    To protect the felines already in our care, there are three requirements for incoming cats where age & health is applicable. They need to be:

    • FIV/FELV tested
    • Spayed or neutered
    • Vaccinated

    Things to Consider