Donate to Help our Roswell Program, Reeves’ Rally for Roswell 2023!

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Wild Blue Cats! Is announcing the continuation of our program to support the cats and kittens of Roswell NM, going beyond our normal operating areas around Colorado Springs to help others in need!  This year, our program, now called Reeves’ Rally for Roswell 2023 will include low cost Spay/Neuter Clinics for the residents of Roswell and their feline friends.  We will continue to pull kitties from the shelter in Roswell to help them significantly improve their save rate, as well.

Won’t you help us in this essential mission? The starting donation is $10 but you can click the up arrow to increase it to the amount you would like to donate to this very important program. Thank you from all of us at Wild Blue….. kitties too!